Puebla – Pottery!

Mar 14 – Now here is the reason Jim wanted us to go to Puebla. Whenever we are able, we purchase a decorative plate from whatever country we are in, to add to our colorful plate wall at home. Although we looked everywhere we stopped here in Mexico, we didn’t find decorative plates anywhere. Jim knew that Puebla was the home of world renowned Talavera pottery, famous not only for plates, but also for the tiles that adorn many of the buildings here.

The tiles reminded us of our time in Portugal.

We walked down to the Artists Quarter (Barrio de Artistes), and we found plates, cups, and pottery like crazy! Although we looked at the very beautiful and expensive Talavera pottery (in the first pic below), we settled for a regular ol’ colorful plate that will remind us of our time in Mexico.

So now we can go home…

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