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Eight things I learned from travel

Eric makes some excellent points. Happy to share!

Life After Liquidity

Travel Cover

As I write this post I am sitting in the Caltrain, passing through various suburbs of the San Francisco Bay peninsula on my way to the city. It’s comforting to be surrounded by so many familiar sites once again.

My wife and I have had quite a journey: 17 countries, dozens of cities, and countless airports/train stations/bus stations. We’ve witnessed both staggeringly beautiful phenomena (Northern Lights in the Yukon Territories) and horrifying moments (a mob beating up some dude in the streets of Istanbul) along the way. Fortunately, my wife and I came out the other end of our trip completely safe and with a lifetime of memories.

I’ve delayed writing this post as long as I could; it’s been taking me a while to process what I’ve learned from this trip. The short answer is: a lot.

I may not be able to cover all the lessons I’ve learned…

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Atalaia to Tomar

9/6 – we fortified ourselves with a hearty breakfast left out ny Senhora Oliveria, and were on the road at dawn, as today will have challenging hills and an unclear path. The yellow arrows that marked the trail through the eucalyptus forest were removed when the trees were harvested, and many have gotten lost. Luckily, some trail angels have found new ways to mark the route:



New eucalyptus have been planted:



We saw some cork trees too:


I love the brightly painted houses, mustard yellow, pink and tomato red. When I get home, I’m painting my house like this:


As we walked the sky got darker, and we found ourselves in the middle of a drenching thunderstorm – the first rain we’ve seen since June! We took shelter in a little chapel on the roadside:



And now we are in Tomar, home of the Knights Templar. We are staying in a groovy hotel with a poor internet connection. Our wet clothes are hanging on every available space, and our room smells like wet dog (I guess that’s wet US). Tomorrow we will see the town!

Two Rivers to Manitowoc

6/15 – we didn’t get to spend much time in Two Rivers, but we learned two things about it:  it is the coldest town in Wisconsin, as it juts out into Lake Michigan, and it is the home of the ice cream sundae!image

Today was an easy walk south on the Maritime Trail that runs along the shore of Lake Michigan.  We’re keeping the walk short, only about 7 miles, to the EconoLodge in Manitowoc, where we will rest for a few days to give my blisters a chance to heal.

The Maritime Trail is multi-use, with lots of families out biking or walking on a beautiful (and chilly!) Sunday morning.  We were impressed with the many volunteer gardens planted along the trail for all to enjoy.  image



Now we are hunkered down in Manitowoc for some rest and to watch some World Cup. Here are some murals on the old buildings downtown: