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Puebla – Pottery!

Mar 14 – Now here is the reason Jim wanted us to go to Puebla. Whenever we are able, we purchase a decorative plate from whatever country we are in, to add to our colorful plate wall at home. Although we looked everywhere we stopped here in Mexico, we didn’t find decorative plates anywhere. Jim knew that Puebla was the home of world renowned Talavera pottery, famous not only for plates, but also for the tiles that adorn many of the buildings here.

The tiles reminded us of our time in Portugal.

We walked down to the Artists Quarter (Barrio de Artistes), and we found plates, cups, and pottery like crazy! Although we looked at the very beautiful and expensive Talavera pottery (in the first pic below), we settled for a regular ol’ colorful plate that will remind us of our time in Mexico.

So now we can go home…


Mar 13 – If you recall, we started this trip by flying down to Mexico City, then took a short flight all the way south to Huatulco, and have been working our way back north by bus. To break up the last long stretch from Oaxaca back to Mexico City, Jim added one more stop for us – the city of Puebla, a five hour bus ride from Oaxaca. This was a full sized, very comfy bus that showed movies as we traveled. We got to watch “Sing” in español, one of our grand girls favorite movies!

Puebla and Oaxaca have a friendly competition going on. They both claim to have invented molé, although Oaxaca has seven different colors, and Puebla is most proud of molé poblano. They tell similar stories of the poor nuns who had nothing to serve the bishop during his visit, so they scraped together bits of many spices, boiled the melange down and served it over an old turkey. The bishop loved it, and molé was born.

Puebla has beautiful architecture and many colorful buildings.

Puebla has the second largest cathedral in Mexico, second only to the one in Mexico City. To my little mind, this cathedral is so much prettier – lighter, brighter, shinier! The ceilings are particularly lovely.

Puebla is also the home of the Convento Santo Domingo. I particularly liked the main altar.

The Convento also contains the famous Rosary Chapel, or Capilla de Rosario. So much gold!

The first public library in Latin America is here, with over 5000 volumes donated by Bishop Palafox in 1646 with the mandate that the books be shared with the common people:

There is an interesting statue here. Do you prefer the front view or the rear view?

Want to know what else there is in Puebla? I’ll tell you tomorrow!