Home to Mexico City and then to Home

Mar 15 – A two hour bus ride took us from Puebla back to Mexico City, where we hopped onto the Metro, then walked back to our original B & B. Coming from this direction, I got a totally different feel for this city – we walked down a street that contained all music shops, and the music made me tap my feet and smile! Nicer shops, better restaurants, just a more affluent feel than my first impression, I guess.

What to do with just one day? For the first time in our entire trip, the sky was cloudy and threatening rain. We opted to explore the National Art Museum, where the weather would not affect us.

The first exhibit was of Mexican painter José Maria Vasquez. His landscapes reminded me very much of the famous Brooklyn artist Jeanette O’Keefe (also known as my grandma). AJ and MH, don’t you agree?

The museum advertised a special limited exhibit of Caravaggio, who was not Mexican, but still a very good painter.

We walked through several rooms of paintings by others who were inspired by Caravaggio, and then finally to the room where his painting, The Fortune Teller, was displayed. Dozens of art students huddled around it, taking notes. It was the only Caravaggio on site, and was one of his earliest works, showing a pretty young fortune teller smiling beguilingly at a handsome young man while she takes his palm and steals his ring.

We then walked through a multimedia video display of many other Caravaggios, showing his attention to light and shadow, and the detail he painted into every inch of his work. The paintings were displayed on the floor and walls, magnified so you could see every detail. Very impressive.

Some Mexican inspired sculptures:

Bacchus always has a good time!

Smart looking Jesus:

Funny looking Jesus:

Meanwhile, the sky opened, the thunder boomed and the rain poured down. The museum workers scurried about with squeegees and mops, drying the floors, as the museum is built around an open center courtyard that let in all the wet.

A good place to be on a soggy afternoon.

Mar 16 – Just to prove that you can’t step in the same river twice, we got a terrible room with no hot water at our previously beloved B&B. Oh well. The breakfast was still great!

A bus ride to the Aeropuerto, two on time flights, and we are home! Thank you, PB for picking us up at the airport. Tomorrow we will pick up our dog, and life will return to normal. Until next time!

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