More from Mexico City

Feb 25 – We left the Basilica and picked out a place to eat lunch from a row of sidewalk shops. Here the meal included noodle soup, a plate of warm tortilla, a plate of red rice, beans and a choice of chicken or pork. We ordered one of each, and I got the chicken, which was covered in molé sauce. Let’s just say that molé is an acquired taste that I have not yet acquired. Its basis is cocoa; it is dark brown, bitter, and smells like paint thinner. After a few bites, Jim noticed my distress and switched plates. The pork, in red sauce, was spicy, tender and delicious! I know I have to keep trying with the molé, as it is very popular in southern Mexico. Wish me luck!

The Metro let us off at a huge park, where lots of folks were enjoying a warm Sunday afternoon. The fountains were repurposed a wading pools for kids and teens.

On the other side of the part was the Palacio de Belles Artes, with it’s beautiful multi-colored dome shimmering in the sun. As a Sunday bonus, admission to the museum was free!

There rooms full of pots and bones and museum-y stuff, but the big attraction was the top floor, which was covered with murals by Diego Rivera and other famous artists.

I laughed to watch a mom photographing her young daughter beside a huge boob – sorry I didn’t catch that pic!

Feb 26 – Want to know what Rosario served for breakfast this morning? Chilaquiles, which is a corn tortilla covered with tomato sauce, sour cream and a little cheese, a traditional Mexican breakfast. For all the cheese we are subjected to in US Mexican restaurants, this is the first cheese we’ve seen here. Muy delicioso!

It is Monday and most things are closed, so we walked over to the Metropolitan Cathedral, which is the largest cathedral in the Americas. It has 16 side chapels which were gated and dark, and two main altars.

The statue called the Poison Jesus resides here. Do you know this story? Once there were two rich men. The first was generous and devout, going to mass every day, humbly kissing the foot of Jesus and depositing a gold coin in the alms box. The second rich man was jealous of the first. He had a cake laced with slow acting poison delivered to the generous man in the name of a grateful townsperson. The generous man ate a big slice with his morning cocoa, then walked to mass. The jealous man followed him to see when the poison would take effect. After mass, the generous man bent to kiss the foot of Jesus, and the statue turned black from foot to crown. The jealous man understood that Jesus had taken the poison from the man’s body, and he confessed and begged forgiveness, which the generous man immediately granted.

That is where the story should end, but here’s the postscript. A few years after this miracle, one of the altar candles fell over and set the altar ablaze, incinerating the statue. As the statue was a popular place to pray and request healing, the Church had a replacement statue made, of course already black…

In the afternoon we made our way back to the bus stop and returned to the Aeropuerto to catch our flight to Huatulco (Wa-TOOL-co). One hour later, we disembarked in a place as different from Mexico City as a place can be. Yes, this is the Huatulco Airport.

Let the relaxation begin!

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