Bahía de Santa Cruz, Huatulco

Feb 27 – So here we are, in a sleepy little town right on the Pacific Ocean, at the edge of Huatulco National Park. We are staying at the Hotel Casa Blanca del Sol, in a big round room with thick plastered walls near a crystal blue pool. Serene. They have a kitchen that guests can use, which makes Jim very happy. Air con? Si! Hot water? Not so much, but it turns out that when you are hot, hot, hot, a cool shower is kind of nice!

A short walk to the waterfront, and we are inundated with offers to go out on fishing boats and eat in seafood restaurants. The restaurants have hundreds of tables, an indication that cruise ships stop here. But there is no ship today, so everyone is competing for our pesos!

The cove is very pretty.

The chapel is outdoors too:

I don’t have an exciting story to tell today, so I will share some of the tropical flora we saw on our morning walk. Lots of reds:

Lantana and a mariposa:

Poinsettias in their natural habitat:

They have Guns and Beers here.

Maybe they have dinosaurs too?

Tell Emma we saw an elephant!

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