Puebla de Sanabria 

June 1 – Happy June to you, and happy tenth wedding anniversary to my wonderful Jim ❤️!  We are celebrating by taking a day off in the very nice Hotel Victoria, with comfy pillows, a balcony with a view of the mountains, and a jacuzzi tub.  Really posh!  Here’s our view:Puebla de Sanabria is a small tourist town, between the Rio Tera and the Rio Castro.  I thought we had said goodbye to the Rio Tera, but here it is again!

We walked across the bridge toward the Old City, and the first thing I saw were the steps going up to the castle. Please don’t make me climb those steps with my pack on!

Luckily, the trail kept to the road, and I was spared the steps.

After getting settled in our hotel, we set out to see the town.  There is a twelfth century church here:

There is an equally ancient hermitage:

There is a medieval castle / fort:

There is a Museum of Gigantic Heads:

Now for the bad news.  With the exception of the castle, all the attractions are open on weekends only, and today is most definitely a Thursday.  Oh well!  We strolled around the Old City, looking at the tourist shops:

Then on to the castle!

Jim got to try on some armor and weapons:

The views from the ramparts were pretty spectacular:

There was a video inside that showed the history of the area, so I got to see some of the gigantic heads after all!  I guess they were used for parades, maybe?  Let me know if you know.

The Old City:

So, that was our day, along with a wonderful meal and some natilla for dessert.  Love you, Jim! ❤️

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