Haslach to Zell am Harmersbach

8/11 – 49 degrees this morning – brrr!  Can’t believe this is August!  How cold must it get here in winter?  Walked through some pretty farm country this morning.

Here is a pear orchard.

Lost the shell markers again today, but we’ve decided that as long as we follow some marked trail, we will eventually get to a town.  The signposts with distance to each place are really enabling us to navigate without a guidebook.

Another big hill to climb, with a picnic place carved out of pine for us at the top.  How nice!  Jim had put a styrofoam box of leftover chicken curry from the Asian restaurant into the hotel’s freezer last night, and it was thawed and ready to eat by midday.  What a delicious break from cold cuts and cheese!

A view from the summit.

By mid afternoon we caught up with our pesky shell again. Lots of trails using this mountain!

Zell am Harmersbach is on the Harmersbach River.

There is an old train here.

Thanks to our curry mountaintop lunch, we still had sandwiches from this morning in our bag, so we didn’t have to go out to find a place to eat tonight.  Thank goodness – I’m tired and my feet hurt!

It seems to me that a hiking blog must be boring for those who haven’t felt the peace of a quiet day filled with birdsong, the anxiety of a lost marker, or the elation of reaching a summit.  I realize that many of my pix look similar – what distinguishes one green hilltop or one blue sky from another?  They don’t show the slow ascents in dark woods, my rasping breath, my achy feet or the pounding of blood in my ears.  I share the celebration of mountaintop experiences, and the occasional cow.  I hope everyone gets to experience the joy that these walks give me, whatever your particular passion may be.

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