Kas – Christmas

12/25 – In our family, Jesus gets to share his birthday with the lovely Emma Rose. Happy 2nd birthday, Emma! We love you!


There’s no Christmas here – we can hear the kids in the schoolyard, and the construction workers next door. No church in town either. We’ll have to make our own Christmas.

I’m feeling a bit homesick, so wonderful Jim decided to fix us a Christmas dinner, and bake some chocolate chip cookies. We walked down to the shops and bought a chicken, baking potatoes and carrots. No chocolate chips, so we bought a bittersweet candy bar to chop up.

I looked for any signs of Christmas in town, and found some festive underwear in a display window, and a Charlie Brown tree in the supermarket.



Here is our Christmas feast:



Tomorrow we will pack up and catch a bus to Olympos, for some more adventures.

Here’s one last sunset. Kas, we’ll miss you!


Happy Christmas, everyone!

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