Kas to Olympos

12/26 – today our modern penthouse / ocean view / hot water on demand Christmas present came to an end as we walked down the 131 steps of the Kaputas Apart for the last time. Farewell Kas!

We caught the 9:30 bus heading toward Antalya so we could jump off after 2 1/2 hours at Olympos. Here are some bus station dogs, doing what they do best:


The bus took us through a town with a statue of a tomato in the town square, and another that was all about oranges. I got some snaps as we left the Orange town of Finike:


The bus let us off at a rest stop on the highway at 12:15, and we waited for the dolmus that would take us the last 10 miles to Olympos. Our experience has been that the next dolmus always comes within 10 minutes. Of course today, as it was cold and raining, we waited an hour and a half for the minibus to come. At least we were in a place where we could get hot tea (çay) in little glasses to hold for warmth.

Olympos will be the polar opposite of Kas, and I hope my system can stand the shock. Olympos is a protected area, with beach, ruins, and high mountains. The weather changed today, so we are looking at rain for the next several days. Because it is a protected area, no concrete can be used, no permanent structures are permitted, so instead of hotels, the tourists are invited to stay in tree houses, tents, cabins, and other structures reminiscent of Scout camp. There is no ‘town’, no shops to speak of, and no ATM. We were advised to bring all the money we needed, as there is no place to get more. Of course, there are not many places to spend it…

An Olympos treehouse:


We are staying at the Saban Treehouse Pansiyon. A river runs where main street should be, and we have to cross a bouncy suspension bridge to get to the other side.


Our little cabin:


Even in the rain, the mountains are beautiful.



The paths here are lined with orange trees, and we are invited to pick as many as we like.


Sabans offers ‘half board’, which means both breakfast and supper are included in the price of the cabin. Although Jim loves to cook, he is looking forward to sampling some authentic Turkish dishes! Our hostess Meral and her mother do all the cooking. The common room smells wonderful!

For our first supper, we had salad, soup, pan fried trout, rice, Vegetables stuffed with couscous and cinnamon, spinach pancakes (gözleme), mixed vegetables in sauce and nan. Looking at all the dishes arrayed before us, I despaired of trying to eat all the food, but before we knew it, most of it had magically disappeared. So delicious!image

We’d better get lots of exercise, or they’re going to have to roll us out of this place!

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