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Coast to Coast – Grasmere to Patterdale

June 24 – Okay, I’m getting bored with these mountain climbing adventures, and I bet you are too. I can’t help it – every day there’s another mountain!

Grasmere was the birthplace of the poet William Wordsworth, and his childhood home is a museum here. Many of his poems were created as he ambled among the very same mountains that we are walking. I wandered lonely as a cloud, that floats on high o’er vales and hills, when all at once I saw a crowd, a host of golden daffodils.

Wouldn’t you like to live right here by the quiet mountainside?

Today was more of the same, only a bit easier, as the walk had some switchbacks and we got to contour along the side of the hill instead of climbing straight up along the steep sheep paths. Or maybe I’m getting stronger?

We met a couple from California, Becky and Jerry, who were actually walking as slowly as we were. We took turns passing each other all day.

Today was the warmest day so far, and sunny. Hey, what is that? A crop circle?

At the top of today’s crag, we found a tarn! I didn’t realize I’d have to learn another language to do this walk. A tarn is a small mountaintop lake. See the campers at the shore? I wonder how they got there.

Not pictured are some others who passed us on the trail: two mountain bikers who skidded and fell down the stony paths, two joggers who literally bounced down over the rocks, a couple from Spain and another couple from Belgium, who had both done some of the same Caminos that we did.

Walking into Patterdale, we spotted this sign. Somebody please tell Pat she could be monetizing her weekly practice time!

Now the good news. This is the last mountain climbing post, for a while at least. Tomorrow, I promise something different!

Seatoller to Grasmere

June 23 – We had a lovely dinner last night with a room full of retired Brits on holiday, who wanted to know our thoughts about American politics and education. The only topic they all agreed on was that they were against vegetarianism. Lucky for me, I could speak knowledgeably about the current seasons of The Crown and Call the Midwife, so conversation never flagged.

Yesterday was only the second in a series of horrendous mountain adventures. I apologize in advance if I resort to more whining today.

We picked up our path at Stonethwaite, where many people were camping. Today is Saturday, so the trail will be busy.

Up we go!

Drat! Those big rocks again!

Gaining altitude. Don’t these sheep have the sweetest faces?

Lots of waterfalls today.

Getting higher!

The first summit!

I thought we were done, but there were two more summits to climb. One of them was called Lining Crag. Don’t ask me which one.

My lunchtime view. Note that one of my boots got stuck in the muddy bog.

On our way down, we met about 50 girls climbing up with full packs. They were all on a four day expedition to qualify for their “D of E”, the Duke of Edinburgh Award for all around achievement in creativity, community volunteering, physical skills and leadership. Very impressive!

Baa baa colorful sheep, have you any wool? Silver, black, brown or white, what color sweater would you like?

When we finally reached the road toward Grasmere, a mum with two toddlers immediately pulled over and asked if we needed a lift into town. Yes! I must have looked as sorry as I felt. I climbed in the back between 6 year old Robert and 4 year old Stephen in their car seats, and we had a lovely chat. Nice People of England!