Sevilla and the Casa de Pilatos 

Apr 8 – We are fairly recovered from our jet lag, and ready to do some exploring.  Did you know that there is an Andalusian palace here in Sevilla once thought to be a replica of Pontus Pilate’s house?  It is not a replica at all, but is named for Pilate nonetheless, and is a beautiful place to spend a sunny morning.  Built in the early 1500s, the duke who lived here went on pilgrimage to the holy land, and the rooms were named for events in the life of Christ.

The palace walls are tiled with the gorgeous ceramics this area is famous for.

The ceilings were pretty ornate too.

The gardens were watered by the municipal water supply; a rare thing for a private dwelling.  The pink roses were blooming today, and the aroma was delightful.

Up the stairs is a small painting of the cock that crowed while Peter denied Christ three times.

A lovely way to spend the morning!

We walked around the narrow streets of the old city of Sevilla and admired the colorful buildings.

We were serenaded by Spanish guitarists.

Our hotel is across the bridge in Triana, and we get to walk over the River Guadalquivir (Great Valley in Arabic) to get to the old city.

Sevilla is known as the home of Flamenco, so the tourist souvenirs run to flouncy dresses and fans, as well as ceramics.  There is a bull ring here, but no bullfights scheduled this week.  Not sure if we would go to a bullfight if one was offered.  Would you?

We are here at an exciting time, as Sevilla celebrates Easter in a big way, and we are seeing lots of preparations for tomorrow’s celebration of Palm Sunday.  Stay tuned!

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