On the Road Again

Apr 5 2017 – It’s time for Jim and me to get back to Spain and walk another Camino.  We left home on Wednesday with a flight plan to go through Chicago and London to Madrid.  Unfortunately, our flight from Chicago was canceled after two hours on the tarmac, due to mechanical problems.  We overnighted in a nice hotel courtesy of American Airlines, and rebooked to go to Boston, then Madrid.  When we packed for Spain, we did not foresee being out in the cold and rainy weather of Chicago and Boston.  We were so happy to get to Madrid and warm our bones!  Then we hustled through Customs to our separately booked flight to Sevilla, where we will spend four days seeing the sights and recovering from jet lag before starting our Camino.

We walked our first Camino across northern Spain in 2011, then the Camiñho Portugues in 2014, and part of the Jakobusweg in Germany last summer.  This time, we’re going to try the Via de la Plata, which runs 621 miles (1000 km) from Sevilla to Campostela de Santiago.  Come walk with us!

The guide we are using gives mileage, elevation, and suggests places to stay and eat.

6 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. Hey Karen Kelly and I was just talking about you at lunch yesterday wondering if you and Jim were on the road again. Say hey to him for me.
    So glad to hear from you! Have another enjoyable adventure—you guys are living the life. Take care. Sue


  2. How wonderful you are able to do these awesome journeys. My granddaughter is currently in Ireland fulfilling her dream of seeing the land of her ancestors and seeing it for me also!
    Fair Skiws and safe travels Karen, love your blogs!


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