Koh Chang, Thailand – Bang Bao Fishing Village

7/2 – Every few days, we put on our shoes and walk the three kilometers to the nearest little town, Bang Bao, just for something to do.


Here there is a single street with several ATMs, a 7Eleven, and a pier crammed with tourist shops and restaurants.   


There are signs here in Russian, a testament to the Russian tourists who used to visit here. Since the decline of the ruble, the Russians aren’t traveling here anymore, and local businesses lament this loss. 

There’s a Rastafarian influence here, with several shops and restaurants.  

There’s a Turkish restaurant here – go figure! 


There is a wat here, but nobody was home except this guy: 

The pier is lined with big boats to take tourists fishing, snorkeling or scuba diving. 


The pier ends in a lighthouse, beautiful against the clouds.

From the end of the pier, we can look across the gulf, back to our bungalow.   Can you see it?

The water is turquoise and so clear! 


 I promise, there will be some action in my next post – stay tuned!


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