Koh Chang, Thailand

6/26 – We’re settled in at our waterfront bungalow on the southern island of Koh Chang.  We swim in the Gulf of Thailand (our beach is called Tranquility Bay), we read, we gaze out at the boats and the changing tides.  The crew rakes the beach every morning to keep it pristine, and tends to the tropical flowers throughout the day. 


 Our home-sweet-home.  The geckos scurry up and down the walls at night, chirping and keeping us bug- free.


The trees provide plenty of shade, right up to the water’s edge:   

There are three dogs that live here and keep the guests company. 


In the morning, the tide recedes, and exposes the barnacle encrusted dark rocks below.   Jim cut his foot on his first swim, before we realized the rocks were there.  Now we swim very carefully in the clear channel that is rock-free.


We are technically in the “wet” season, but we haven’t seen much rain.  Sometimes the clouds turn gray and we get a cloudburst, then the sun returns.  The temperature is in the 80s every day – the blistering heat is no more. 

 Our consciousness has slowed down, and we are relishing this opportunity to just be. 

I’ll check back when we have some news!

2 thoughts on “Koh Chang, Thailand

    1. 13 months on the road! We really needed this break – traveling ain’t for sissies. If it were just us, we’d find a way to settle somewhere around here, but the pull of Lexi and Emma is strong, so we’ll be heading home by fall. Hope all is well for you and Mike! 😘


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