Cana to Ilaniya, Israel

1/23 – We are prepared to walk 10 miles today, to stay at an Orthodox Jewish kibbutz hotel. However, it is Friday, and we can’t raise anyone on the phone to book a room. Our Cana host says that because of the Shabbat, we will not be able to stay there. I’m confused again, as I thought the sabbath didn’t start until sundown on Friday. Will try to find out more.

So we adjusted our plan, and will trek today to Ilaniya. We picked a great week for weather, sunny every day, with temperatures in the mid 60s. Excellent hiking weather!



Our guidebook says that today we will be passing “depopulated” Arab villages. In 1948, when the Arabs were removed from their homes, the towns were blown up, knocked down, or bulldozed to assure that no one would try to return home. These villages look like piles of rock, with untended fruit or olive trees to mark where the villages once stood.



We saw some horses today. These pix are for you, Mags!



Almost before we knew it, we saw the sign for the Yarok Az Organic Sheep Farm and Ecolodge.



Our accommodation for the night was a canvas geodesic dome, with a wood stove to take the chill off the evening. Showers and (compost) toilets right outside.




We washed our laundry and hung our clothes out in the sun, then went to visit the animals.





We had a wonderful vegetarian supper with goat cheese and goat yogurt. What a treat!

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