The subtle perception of the way things are

From Jim…


We are in a Lourdes, France, place of miracles. Our room has a kitchen and we have come back from the market. We invite you to join us for lunch!


Lunch is cooking!

Dinner is served!

Come with us while we visit the sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes. It marks the place where the 14 year-old Bernadette saw a dazzling light and a small white female figure in 1858. During 18 visions, the lady directed Bernadette to uncover a healing spring and the lady suggested that a chapel be built. The lady eventually identified herself as “Immaculate Conception.” The visions and miraculous healings caused Lourdes to become a major pilgrimage site with over 300 hotels and about five million visitors each year.

We approach the Rosary Basilica.

We look around and then meditate.

You are with us.
“Did you see the cute guy to our right?” I ask…

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