It is inexhaustible

From Jim…


We took the morning bus from Finesterre to Santiago and got a room close to the train station. I hung up our clothes and looked at the rain from our window.

The next day, we took the train to Barcelona. We went to the cathedral and saw the 13 geese who live within the cathedral walls. I heard that no one knows how the geese arrived and that it was miraculous that there were 13 of them. This may be incorrect. We overheard a tour guide say that there were originally 13 doves but the doves flew away.The number 13 corresponds with the age at martyrdom of the patron Saint Eulalia. The Romans put her in a knife studded barrel and rolled her down the street. Apparently this was one of 13 tortures that she experienced for refusing to reject Christianity in the year 303.We went into the cathedral, moving…

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