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A Day in Zagreb

11/7 – it’s so nice to have a kitchen! Jim made us fried eggs and toast – very un-European – for breakfast, and two cups of coffee!

Today we strolled around Zagreb, admiring the stately, ornate buildings, the green parks, and the colors of autumn.

We visited the Zagreb Cathedral,partially under scaffolding for renovation. The inside was beautiful, but not lit.image





Then we climbed the many steps up to the Old Town, where we saw the famous St. Mark’s Churchimageimage

…and the Orthodox Church with its golden icons.image

The highlight of the afternoon was a visit to The Museum of Broken Relationships, which we had read about. The Museum contains little stories and tokens of relationships that people around the world have shared. Some were poignant.

Some were funny.image

And many were just too sad… There was a whole room of tokens of broken relationships with parents that I can’t even begin to describe. Very worthwhile visit if you ever get the chance ( the museum goes on tour).

We got to look down over the city as day turned to dusk.image


A wonderful day.