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A Day in Richmond, North Yorkshire

July 1 – We’ve been looking forward to a full day of relaxation, and spending two nights in the same bed. We are staying at the Willance Guest House, the former home of Roger Willance, first alderman (mayor) of Richmond. The House was built in the 1500s, but is totally modern inside.

Yesterday, we walked past Willance’s Leap and didn’t even know it. When he and his horse went over the cliff, the horse died, and Willance broke his leg. He cut the horse’s stomach open and thrust his leg inside for warmth, waiting for the townspeople to find him the next morning. He had to have the leg amputated. Hope you’re not eating while you read this. Here is his gravestone, in the cemetery of St. Mary’s Church, right behind the house.

What do walkers do on their day off? They walk around, of course! First we visited another B&B just down the street, Millgate House, that boasts an award winning garden. The photos can’t convey the scent of roses and honeysuckle, or the hum of the bees.

Then we walked to the Richmond Covered Market, a combination book store/antiques/flea market. Would you like a doggie greeting card, magnet, mug or calendar?

Next up was Richmond Castle (this one’s for you Mom!) The castle was built starting in 1070, and was used by the military through the Great War.

Views from the Tower:

The castle had a garden too.

In 1916, Richmond Castle was where the Richmond 16 were imprisoned. This group of Quaker conscientious objectors was sentenced to be executed for refusing to take up arms during an era of mandatory conscription. Their sentence was commuted to hard labor, but many died before they were released. The castle preserved some of the graffiti on the walls of their cells.

We explored the town center, called Market Square. Do you know what neeps and tatties are? (Rutabagas and potatoes).

Here are some signs we haven’t seen before:

Walking home, we found the Friary Garden, which contained a bird and bunny sculpture carved out of an old tree.

We ended the day with an absolutely delicious supper at the Bangladeshi Indian restaurant on the corner. What a lovely day off!