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A Day in Westfield

8/9 – so now we have gone as far north as we can go on the Ice Age Trail, approximately 500 miles. The Trail goes on for another 500 miles, of course, but Westfield is the last place that we can catch a bus back to Portage, to catch a train to Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport, where we can then fly to Frankfurt and on to Lisbon, Portugal for the next leg of our adventure. So here we stop.

When we purchased our plane tickets a month ago, we really didn’t know how far we’d get, or what we could expect for ground transportation. We now have a week before we fly, and we will spend it reprovisioning, shipping our mosquito suits and tent back home, buying a new phone from T-Mobile with a better deal for overseas use, and swimming in the pool at our hotel.

So what did we do on our last hiking day? We walked around town, of course! They are not kidding about the Pioneer theme here:image


Of course we found a lovely trail through town:image


Jim and I talked about our summer in Wisconsin. I regretted that we didn’t get far enough north to see any beavers. Luckily, there was a sign in town that solved that issue:image
We also realized that we’d gone all summer without eating corn on the cob, although we saw plenty of corn growing around us. That was easily remedied too, as Jim boiled several ears in our coffee pot, and we sat out on a picnic table devouring them with salt and butter purloined from the continental breakfast at the hotel. Jim may post an exciting video on this subject.

So, regrets have we none. Time to catch a bus!

Portage to Oxford to Westfield

8/7 – we left Portage to hike to our next stop north. Our plan was to do a full day’s road walk, spend one night on the ground, and then continue our road walk on to Westfield. At this point of the Ice Age Trail, there is no ‘trail’, only road walk.

It was another beautiful, sunny day. We distracted ourselves by playing Cloud Animals as we walked – what does this one look like to you?image

By late afternoon, we were starting to look for a stealth camping place, when a friendly couple working out in their yard called us over to chat. We explained about the Ice Age Trail, and how we were planning on sleeping on the ground that night, as we were too far from Westfield. They asked why didn’t we stay at the motel in Oxford just down the road? Our map didn’t show a motel anywhere close by, but Jean looked up the number for us and gave us directions. Thanks again, Nice People of Wisconsin!image

I know Jim was looking forward to putting up our little tent one more time, but I was very happy to rest on comfy pillows after a hot shower. Our days in Wisconsin are drawing to a close, and Westfield will be our last stop.

Next morning we walked into Westfield, a tiny town with a Pioneer motif.image

Here’s a sign you don’t see on Main Street every day – I just know this will be a classy place!image