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North Kettle Moraine State Forest to Plymouth

6/22 – although there is still plenty of forest ahead, we left the Ice Age Trail this morning to walk the Plymouth Trail into the town of Plymouth. The fine folks of this area laid a trail that runs parallel to, but not near, the highway, so we can walk in safety and comfort (unlike some other connectors we’ve been on), and provided benches, water, and even a port-a-potty. Thank you, people of Plymouth!

If you don’t share my love of signs, you can skip the rest of this post. Plymouth has some of the best hand-painted Walldog signs we’ve seen yet!imageimageimageimageimage

We also saw some interesting yard kitsch, and a super-sized Holstein cow:
When we got to our hotel and activated the wi-fi, I discovered that Betty the librarian (or Information Professional, as we prefer to be known these days) had sleuthed out this blog address, became a follower overnight, and reached out to offer assistance – librarians are the most resourceful folks ever! I may rename this blog The Nice Folks of Wisconsin.

One of the hot spots to visit in Plymouth is Chester’s, an old fashioned drive-in where the wait staff brings your food out to your car, and hangs a tray on your window. We were amazed at the number of customers that were lined up for the experience. Although we couldn’t share the full experience due to lack of car, we did walk up to order Chester’s signature root beer float and some of Wisconsin’s famous deep fried cheese curds. Our review: two thumbs up!image

Algoma to Kewaunee

Here are some neat signs we saw painted on the buildings in Algoma. They were done by the Wall dogs in 2007:




6/13 – today is cool and sunny, perfect for the twelve mile walk to the next town to the south, Kewaunee. There is no trail today, just a walk along the roadside. This isn’t my favorite way to hike, as pavement is hard on my tender feet. Here’s an interesting sign:image

We saw a variety of animals at farms along the way, including a herd (gaggle??) of alpacas:image





We’re walking along the shore of Lake Michigan. A pretty way to spend the day.