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Xi’an acupuncture

Eliese suggested that I seek out some traditional Chinese medicine to help speed the healing of my fractured humerus. Here is Jim’s account of our morning at the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Happy to serve as blog fodder for a good cause! KF


We are going to a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) hospital to seek acupuncture treatment for Karen’s broken shoulder bone. We look online and get the name of a nearby traditional medicine hospital. We go to an expensive international hotel, where a reception desk lady speaks English. She says the traditional hospital has moved and she gives us the name of another hospital, writing it out in Chinese. Another lady, a guest at the hotel, says that going there is a good idea.


We take a taxi to the Shaanxi Province Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Emergency Room entrance).


They send us next door to the out-patient clinic.


The nurse directs us to “orthopedics” — we have not registered or “checked in” in any way — but this may be because of our poor Chinese language skills.
Instead of waiting outside, we stand in the office with two doctors while they…

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