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Teluk Bahang to Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

7/25 – Time to get back to the city. We watched Bus 101 rumble through town every 15 minutes the whole time we were in Teluk Bahang, but as we stood at the bus stop in the sweltering heat with packs on our backs, no Bus 101 was forthcoming.  After 45 minutes, we wondered what could possibly explain the lack of buses, when four Bus 101s came rolling down the street, one after the other!  An hour later, we were back in the city, to stay for a day in Georgetown, before making our way south to the capital.  Our trendy hotel: 

With an additional fruit that is not allowed:  

We asked what is wrong with mangosteen – is it another smelly fruit?  We were told that the red juice of mangosteen skin permanently stains whatever it comes in contact with, and that is why it is not permitted.  

Our hotel is in the Chinese part of the city.  


There is a Sam’s here! 

A Chinese temple:


Traveling by tricycle rickshaw: 

 We asked our hotel clerk, who is of Chinese descent, how to get to Little India.  “Walk down the street” he said.  “When you see Indian people, hear Indian music and smell Indian food, you are in Little India.”  Easy enough! 


Ganesha, son of the goddess Parvati.   Lord Shiva cut off the boy’s head, which angered Parvati, so he replaced it with an elephant’s head.   

Hanuman is the monkey god.

Our yummy lunch – spicy chicken, vegetables, rice and ginger tea – we love Indian food!  The Malay and Indians eat with their right hands only – no utensils – but we were offered spoons and forks.


 The Kapitan Kling Mosque, the oldest in Penang, dating from the seventeenth century:  

Reminders of when Malay was a British colony.   St. George The Martyr Church, the oldest Anglican Church in Southeast Asia:


The Light Street Convent:   

Fort Cornwallis:

The 60 foot tall Jubilee Clock Tower, built in 1897 to commemorate 60 years of Queen Victoria’s reign.  The tower tilts slightly, but withstood being bombed during WWII:   

A lovely town, with new delights around every corner!

Teluk Bahang and Batu Feringghi, Malaysia

7/19 – Teluk Bahang turns out to be such a small town that it doesn’t have an ATM!  As our hotel only takes cash (Malaysian ringgits, approximately 4 to the dollar), our first order of business was to get back on the 101 bus and go back to the bigger town of Batu Feringghi for some money.   There is a Hard Rock Cafe there!

Lots of touristy stuff, right on the beach.  

The mixture of cultures is evident here, with Danish / Pakistani restaurants, and Arabic / Lebonese restaurants in addition to the Chinese, Malay and Indian varieties.

Most important, there was a 7Eleven with an ATM!  We had some yummy Malay lunch (don’t ask me what it was called, we just pointed at things that looked good), then, flush with ringgits, got on the bus to return to our town.

Teluk Bahan is a one-street town.  Motorbikes are the prevalent mode of transport.  I continue to cringe, as I have throughout Asia, at families all sharing one motorbike, especially those who ride without helmets.  I’ve even seen a mother driving one-handed with an infant cradled in the other arm and a toddler between her knees! 

It also unnerves me when the driver wears a helmet, but the passengers don’t! 


We found a great little restaurant for our breakfast of roti canai – very thin dough fried then folded over with a scrambled egg and cheese in the middle, served with curry sauce.  Coffee is very good here too – they ask if you would like milk, but assume that you want sugar – way sweeter than is good for me! 

We walked by a drainage ditch and got a shock – a huge lizard swimming slowly toward us through the shallow water!  These are water monitors, very common here.  Sort of alligator-like, with a long, flicking, serpent tongue. This one is about eight feet long, maybe more with that long tail.  Wikipedia says they are carnivorous – hope they can’t get out of the ditch!  We saw this one in the evening:


Here’s another one we saw in the morning:

Tomorrow, the park!