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Torremejia to Mérida

Apr 24 – Unusual sunrise this morning.  What kind of day will it be?

Another 10 miles today, mainly along a highway.

And along a railroad track.

We met four French, two Belgians, and a Snort (tip of the hat to P. D.  Eastman).

Here is our picture, courtesy of one of the Belgians.

We crossed the Rio Guadiana, by walking over the Puente Romano (pictured above and below), an ancient Roman bridge still in daily use as a footbridge.  Those Romans knew how to build stuff that lasts. And now we are in Mérida (a shortening of the name Augusta Emerita, a city for the veterans of the army of Caesar Augustus) where we will take a few days off to see the best examples of Roman ruins in Spain. Stay tuned!

484 miles to go.