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Nice to Rome

10/27 – we were scheduled on the morning train out of Nice for an hour’s ride over the border to Ventimiglia, Italy. The train was late, so I took some pix of the station.



The train was packed, and we had to stand the whole way. When I looked at our next ticket, I realized that our 20 minute cushion between trains was now only 5 minutes. We would have to run an OJ through the station, find the right track and throw ourselves on the train to Genova. By the time we pulled into the station, our 5 minutes was down to 3. We positioned ourselves at the door, and jumped out as soon as the train rolled to a stop. As we ran for the steps, we saw others running too. There’s the display board! We yelled out the train number. Track 4! Track 4! We all ran for Track 4. An Asian couple in front of us was struggling with two huge rolling suitcases. As the man tried to lift one, Jim grabbed the other – go! Go! Go!

Do you think we made it? Yes, we did. Wasn’t that an exciting story?

We got to Genova by lunchtime, and had an hour to spare, so we walked out in the sunshine. Here is a statue of Christopher Columbus, beloved in his home town.


And now we are in Rome! A huge, gritty city. The Roma Termini train station must be a mile long, and has clothing stores, restaurants, and supermarket inside. Our debit card doesn’t work in the ATM here, and our European adapter plug doesn’t fit in the wall socket here. What have we done? But this city is a big part of our next pilgrimage, and we’ve got work to do. Stay tuned!

A Weekend in Nice

Well, if this isn’t Nice, I don’t know what is – apologies to Kurt Vonnegut

10/25 – Nice is a beautiful city, the largest on the French Riviera, or Côte d’Azur. Our resources tell us that this is a place to be enjoyed at leisure, so we are just relaxing and strolling this weekend.

There are many ways to get around here:

Lots to see in the plaza on our street:

La Promenade du Paillon has jumping fountains and mists for kids of all ages, as well as playgrounds for the younger set. While we strolled, we bopped to Big Band music, rock, and watched couples dance the Tango:

One block farther is Promenade des Anglais and the blue-green Mediterranean, which is crystal clear and swimmingly warm at the end of October:

10/26 – on Sunday, we climbed to Parc de la Colline du Chateau, where an old fort held the remains of a medieval cathedral, a waterfall, and gorgeous views of the ocean below:

Then we walked through the winding streets of the old town, and savored the offerings in the open market. Have you ever seen tomatoes like these?

When we returned to our hotel, we were concerned with this sign posted on the lift. Why do you think they posted the English first? Do you comprehend? image

Nice is a place where I could be happy for a long time, but tomorrow, we must move along. Where to next? You’ll have to read the next blog to find out!

Lourdes to Nice

10/23 – right outside our window is a castle, and we noticed it brightly lit up during the procession at the Grotto last night. It turns out to be the Château Fort, a 1000 year old fortress that has never been conquered, so this morning we walked over for a visit. If nothing else, we figured that the tall tower would provide us some great shots of the city.




A fool and her euros are soon parted – we climbed to the top of the tower only to find that all the windows were covered in scratched up, milky plexiglass, so our photographic aspirations were thwarted. Oh well! We got some nice views anyway:



The place was full of schoolchildren much more interested in taking selfies than in listening to their teacher describe costumes worn in the Pyrenees: IMG_3075-0

What we did see was another church, so we crossed over to see what it was. The Sacred Heart, Sacré-Cœur, is the Lourdes parish church.



It had a Black Madonna, as well as some tributes to Bernadette:




I haven’t mentioned that Jim made full use of our little kitchen, cooking up a chicken stew from scratch the first night, and a killer pasta and veg with homemade sauce the second. It sure is nice to have a kitchen, and a husband who knows how to use it! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

10/24 – This morning we took the express train from Lourdes to Toulouse, and used the hour layover to eat our lunch outside the Toulouse station. Here is what we saw:





Q: Why are there so many accidents on the French railway?
A: Toulouse Lautrec! (Too loose la track!) ha!

I’ve been waiting all my life to use that awful pun. Please forgive me.

Our second train from Toulouse to Nice was the one that was too full to enable us to use our EuRail Pass. Sure enough, we were packed cheek to jowl in second class, with not a seat to spare. If that was not indignity enough, there were two dogs in our car, one sitting directly across from me, who growled at one another in a threatening manner throughout the 7 hour trip. Here is the killer chien:


The last two stops on our ride were Cannes and Antibes, which both looked gorgeous from the window. Maybe next trip we will bring our yacht and visit…

And now we are in our beautiful Residencial in Nice, where the weather is warm, and the French Riviera is just down the street. We are concerned with the sign posted on our window:


What are we to do with our stumps?

Tomorrow, we will explore!