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Loma el Pastoreo / The Grazing Hill

Jan 30 – Jim had one more hike on his list, so we set off this morning in another direction to find Loma el Pastoreo / the Grazing Hill.

Wall art!
A calf tied to a roadside fence – maybe she’d like to come grazing on the hill.

We walked down a road that was not a main road. On either side were large private homes behind stone walls and iron gates. So peaceful and so pretty.

More high-stepping horses!
These horses looked sad
The yellow frog is the national animal of Panama. It is an endangered species, so this is probably the only one we will see.
Yes! If we ever get a palatial retreat, we will name it Villa Amnesia.

We finally reached the trailhead, if you can call it that. It looked more like a dry stream bed, full of sticks and rocks. Jim said, Up! So up we went.

I’m coming as fast as I can!

After a steep, but mercifully short scrabble, we reached the vista. We could see in all directions. It was so windy!

Happy Jim!

Our time in El Valle is drawing to a close. We had dinner at the Colombian restaurant, with excellent patacones (fried plantain chips as big as your hand), and one more evening walk down the main road. El Valle has been a magical place for us, and we’re going to miss it.