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Grijo to Porto

9/23 – 10 miles to Porto, 2nd largest city in Portugal, and full of neat stuff to see. After only getting about 5 hours of sleep, thanks to the mosquitoes, I was feeling a little rocky this morning, but the sun promised to come out today, so off we went.


Everything was a little soggy, but the old roads were passable, and soon we were approaching the city: image.





I loved seeing the ruins covered in morning glories!

Our hotel is right in the center of the city, near the Torre Clerico:

We get free espresso in the morning, and free port wine all day long. Too bad I don’t drink wine!

We walked a little as the sun was setting:


…and visited the world’s most beautiful bookshop, the Lello Livraria:





Tomorrow, we’ll rest and see the city!

Sao Joao da Madeira to Grijo

9/22 – 100% rain all day, with 12 miles to cover and hurting ankles. No pix today. Wet boots, wet socks, wet everything! Puddles that covered our boots, slippery cobblestones, drivers going 70 kph and splashing us.

Other drivers slowing down to avoid splashing us, coming to a full stop so we can cross the street. A shopkeeper showing us his tally sheet of all the pilgrims who have come into his store, what countries they are from, and blessing our journey. His wife giving us home made candy, then making sure we each got a second piece. Meeting a fellow pilgrim from Denmark.

We arrived in a very bedraggled state at a new alburgue in Grijo, looking forward to a hot shower and a nap. Because it is new, we’ve seen no reviews, but are optimistic. The hostel has only one toilet, sink and one shower, lots of mosquitos, and no doors on the rooms. We have to sleep in bunk beds, and I have to take the top bunk. There is no soap or towels, so we shower and have to drip dry, and there are no sheets for the beds, so we just open our sleeping bags on the mattresses. The mosquitoes feast on us all night – I wish I still had my bug suit! We got very little sleep.

A day of mixed emotions, but tomorrow we will arrive in Porto!