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More from Playa el Palmar

Feb 3 – So, what makes a successful beach vacation? Swim, walk, eat, and repeat!

The sun comes up
In the morning, after coffee in bed looking at the ocean, we walk along the sandy beach, then swim in the Pacific.
After lunch and perhaps a siesta, we swim in the lap pool, which we have to ourselves.
We like to watch the family of iguanas that live in the pool shed. The adults are about two feet of body plus another two feet of tail.
There is an incredibly loud bird in the nearby tree – he mimics different calls and sometimes sounds like a monkey. We are amused.
For our evening walk, we head down to the little promontory to watch the big birds gather to watch for fish.
A lone fisherman sitting on the rocks
A full moon

Jan 5 – Now here’s some excitement! We were running out of food, so got up early to trek up to the Pan American Highway to reprovision at the little market. We wanted to go before it got too hot. For the first time all week, I had to put on pants and shoes!

Mini Super Interamericana – not much to look at, but it had everything we needed
We are amused that soy sauce is called Chinese Sauce, and Worcestershire sauce is called English Sauce. Seems it doesn’t take much to amuse us!
Colorful chicken buses (repurposed old US school buses) are alive and well here, although they were banned in Panama City in 2010.

Even though it was early, it was still mighty hot. We made it back alive, and resumed our day. Walk, swim, eat, repeat!