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A Little More From Cobán

Feb 22 – Today we walked around town, caught up on laundry and ran errands – traveling is hard work! We read up on our next destination, Semuc Champey, and visited the ATM after reading that there is no place to get money there, and credit cards are not accepted.

Friday is the day for the flower market on the main street.

Plenty of other stuff on offer too.

Turkey dinner, anyone?

Of course we stopped into the Catedral Cobán, which looked much like the other churches we’ve seen here, except no one was praying inside.

This church had a good variety of lady statues:

It also boasted some very sad Jesuses.

Cobán’s version of the Liberty Bell? There was no story to be read about this bell, so I guess we’ll never know.

For those who wonder why we visit so many Catholic churches:

a) pretty much every town has one

b) it is usually the most notable building in the center of town

c) it is usually open and welcomes you inside

d) in a town without a museum, it may be the only place you can visit

e) whatever the language, we understand the story

In the interest of equal time, here is the church of the Seventh Day Adventists. It was pretty, but not open.

Some wall art in the making

A round town square

Feb 23 – This morning we will catch the bus for the two to three hour ride to Lanquin, then on to Semuc Champey. We will be staying at a hostel with no hot water, no WiFi, and daily electricity for only four hours in the evening. Will we live to tell the tale? Tune in next week to find out!