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More from Oaxaca – the Markets

Mar 9 – Oaxaca is known for textiles, but there is a lot of variety on offer from the local street markets. The central square is called the Zócalo.

Usually when we travel we are backpackers, so we do not shop for anything that would add weight to our packs. On this trip, we are tourists, and looking for presents for our grandchildren. We meandered through huge indoor markets. Do you think the kids would like some spicy fried insects?

How about some mezcal?

Maybe a hat?

Just kidding! Plenty of stuff to choose from!

There was one area called the Aisle of Meat, where hawkers entice you in with stall after stall of sliced raw meat. Point to what you want, and they grill and serve it to you right there! This was a very popular place at lunchtime.

As we walked back toward home, we noticed free drinks being passed out by a variety of shops and hotels. When we got back to our hotel, we asked the significance, and were told that today is the day that Oaxacans honor the Samaritan woman at the well who gave water to Jesus, by giving free drinks to strangers. I got fig juice, and Jim got something white that smelled of cinnamon. Thank you, Samaritan woman!

Today, as part of our menu al dia, we tried another Oaxacan food delight, the tétela, which is a corn tortilla filled with black beans (or other things), covered with salsa and Oaxacan cheese and served warm. Muy delicioso!

We have been experimenting with the different brands of Mexican beer that we don’t usually see in the US. Tonight we tried one called Sol, without reading the fine print… Aieee! Beer with lime, salt and hot sauce! Let’s not get that one again!