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Ancon Hill

Jan 24 – Our week in Panama City is drawing to a close, and there is one more hill Jim wants to climb. It’s not near our end of town, so we called an Uber to get us to the foot of Ancon Hill.

It turned out to be more of a paved road than a trail, but it was nice and shady, and gave us glimpses of the city as we climbed.

The bay
The shiny city
At the top was a statue of Amelia Denis de Acaza, who wrote a poem to encourage her people to fight to reclaim Panama’s sovereignty in 1906
A plaque commemorating Jimmy Carter agreeing to return Panama to its people in 1977
The Panamanian flag, which can be seen for miles from atop Ancon Hill – the biggest flag in the country
A lovely Portuguese woman named Mathilde offered to take our picture
Looking toward the canal
So many shipping containers
The Bridge of the Americas
As we started back down the hill, we spied a monkey!
There he goes!
Safe in his tree
Looking down toward Casco Viejo – see the two towers of the Cathedral?
And back down – a fine activity for our last day in the city!