Back to Panama City

Feb 8 – This morning we said goodbye to the Pacific.

One more sunrise
One last breakfast on the veranda

We dragged our suitcases back down to the Pan American Highway, and had lunch at a truck stop while we waited for a bus.

Delicious flaky fish, with pineapple and tomato salad, and rice and beans, of course
A lovely mural on the wall

We were just finished, and our bus pulled up – a big one with air conditioning! Yay! It was an easy two hours back to the Panama City bus terminal and an easy Uber back downtown.

Feb 9 – One more night at the Executive Hotel, then up at 5:30 for an early hotel breakfast and an Uber to the airport.

Downtown Panama City looking pretty in the early morning light

We encountered a new wrinkle in airport security this morning. After waiting in line to check in, and enduring the shoe removal and X-ray machines, we walked to our gate, looking forward to a sit down prior to boarding. The officials then rounded up everyone in the gate area and subjected us to an additional security screening, then cordoned us off so we had no access to coffee, water or bathrooms. Those in the know told us it was an extra security measure for those headed to the US, looking for drugs. Humph!

Four hours later we landed in Houston, had a six hour layover, then home to Norfolk by 10 pm.

It was a fabulous trip, and it’s nice to be home. Thanks to all who traveled with us!

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