Mariposario / Butterfly Haven

Jan 28 – I’m hobbling like Grampa from The Real McCoys today (who is old enough to get that reference?), so we won’t be traveling very far.

Lucky for us, we are just down the road from the Butterfly Haven.

The owner, an Italian, bought this place two years ago and has been raising 15 species of butterflies and releasing the surplus to the wild. He spent all the time we wanted showing us the different species and answering questions.
The butterflies seem to like him
The Blue Morpho looks like an owl’s eye when at rest so predators won’t mess with it
The Blue Morpho really likes Jim!
Some feed on fermenting fruit
Others prefer feeding from little tubes of honey water
Some tiny ones
So many different kinds!
We saw some really big caterpillars, and a PBS movie on the lifecycle of the butterfly
The cocoons are wrapped to keep them safe
The Blue Morpho was definitely my favorite!

A gentle activity on a peaceful day.

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