Mercado del Mariscos

Jan 23 – What to do today? We’re running out of major attractions to see in the city. Some tours and bloggers suggest a trip to the local fish market, so that is our plan for the morning.

Birds circling over a building was our first clue
More birds – we must be close!
Oh yeah – we can really smell the fish now
Lots of fish
Shrimp and prawns (camarones) in all sizes – my favorite!
Sea bass (corvina) is a popular fish here

After a tour of all the choices, we went outside to the string of fish restaurants, all hawking the same lunch choices. I got camarones in garlic salsa with rice, and Jim opted for the pulpo (octopus) with yucca fries.

Yummy, and that yellow salsa was HOT!

Next to the market we saw lots of fishing boats at anchor. It was low tide, and some boats looked like they’d been there a long time.

We walked further down the Cinta Costera, which we learned had just been built in the last ten years to reclaim the waterfront area. We would have walked farther, but it was HOT, and the sun was beating down.

El Toro
Scooters for rent

We realized we were not far from the Casco Viejo (Old Town), and decided to spend the rest of the afternoon nosing around. More in the next post.

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