The West Highland Way – the Devil’s Staircase to Kinlochleven

August 9 – For our penultimate day on this hike, we are climbing the Devil’s Staircase – the highest point on the trail. Our taxi driver Peter arrived promptly at 9am to take us back around the mountain to the point on the trail where the ascent begins.

The mountaintops are covered in cloud, but the day is bright and no rain is expected. I looked behind and took a picture of the little white house across the road.

As we climbed, the house got smaller…

And smaller…

And smaller still.

Can you still see the little house?

And we climbed higher and higher.

Until we got to the top!

Then there was the long walk down the other side.

We met Angela again!

And a man with a dog coming up the other side.

We ate our lunch on a sunny rock, then walked down into Kinlochleven.

Kinlochleven depends on the salmon industry

Approaching our hotel, we admired some front garden kitsch. We thought this yard was pretty cool:

Until we saw this one – definitely the best!

Gnome Sweet Gnome

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