More from Cuenca

Jul 7 – We were warmly welcomed into the expat community here, participating with Nancy in a morning Shambala group meditation, then accompanying the group of 20 or so out to a long and animated lunch complete with a birthday cake for one of the group. Sitting near me were retirees from New York, California, New Jersey, Ohio. A college student from Connecticut here on a grant to promote world peace. Americans here for dental work or medical procedures, here to escape India’s monsoon season, here to make their Social Security checks stretch farther. Culture shock for us.

We walked through a park with some interesting tree sculptures.

We checked out one of the many pretty churches here. Did you know that Santa Zita was the patron saint of domestic employees?

More street art.

Jul 8 – Today we journeyed forth to find a plate for our wall collection. Yesterday at lunch we asked the expats for suggestions, and the overwhelming recommendation was to find the studio of Eduardo Vega and son. Google showed us the studio, at the other end of town, and up a steep hill. It’s a grey and rainy day. Should we walk? Nah – taxis will take you just about anywhere here for a dollar.

Up we went. Here’s the misty view from the top of the hill.

The Vega studio was a joy to behold.

So many plates – most of them as big as shields!

Tiles and sculptures too.

The artists were not on site, but the workshop was busy painting the works.

Which plate did we choose? You’ll have to drop by the house and see!

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