Zoorefugio Tarqui, Puyo

Jun 29 – Today was our day to visit Tarqui, and see the animals that have been rescued from being illegally trafficked. Tarqui is not a zoo per se, but a refuge for animals that cannot be returned to their native habitats. As many of the animals are African in origin, I’m not sure how they got to Ecuador in the first place.

By U.S. standards, the animal enclosures were small, and there was a lot of the compulsive pacing that indicates animal distress.

Lots of noisy birds.

Lots of big cats.



The lion sleeps today.

Plenty of monkeys, both inside and outside the fences.

This old guy looks like he may deliver Hamlet’s soliloquy

You lookin’ at me?

A caiman

A bit of political commentary – the muddy pen of peccaries (pigs) was labeled ‘The Trumps’.

We enjoyed a pitcher of Wayusa tea at the refugio restaurant. Very sweet and caffeinated.

Remember I told you that the currency here is the U.S. dollar? Well, the smallest bill used here is the $5. If you pay with a five, you will receive $1 Sacagawea coins as change. Now you know where all the dollar coins went!

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