More from Semuc Champey

Feb 25 – After our strenuous adventure yesterday, today was a day to relax. We took a morning walk up the road and along the river. Beautiful flowers and mountain views.

We encountered natives on foot who asked where we were going. Just walking, was our reply. I imagine they don’t often just walk – if they set out, they have a destination in mind.

Spent some time in our hammock overlooking the river, reading and snoozing. Watched a bunch of kids tubing down on the current, drinking beer at 10 in the morning (you get a free beer when you sign up for the tubing), hooting as they floated past the women washing laundry in the river. What a world of contrasts we live in.

Nice lunch, and a swim in the afternoon. All days should be like this one.

Feb 26 – Ditto the exciting events of yesterday. We are very relaxed here.

What is the plant below? I’ve never seen a pod like this on a tree.

This is the nicest place we’ve stayed, with a resort atmosphere and ample friendly staff, 100% Guatemaya, as it proudly says on the sign. We don’t miss not knowing the news of the world for a few days. Viva Semuc Champey!

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