Coast to Coast – Reeth to Richmond

June 30 – Hard to believe that it’s the last day of June. Our time in England is flying by! Ten miles today and we’ll be out of the Yorkshire Dales National Park and on to Richmond.

Lovely walk out of Reeth.

Always nice to start the day on a marked path. We’re on the right track!

Mostly flat terrain – my favorite!

Still near the Swale River.

Morning cows.

An old priory, viewed as we passed, then again from the hill above.

A little town along the way.

In Marske, St Edmunds Church was open, and offered drinks and snacks for hikers. It had boxes for congregant families, instead of pews.

Above the baptismal font, a palindrome that reads, “wash my sins and not my face only.”

Walking through freshly mown fields. You can tell where the trail is by the green stripe.

More teens setting out on their Duke of Edinburgh challenge.

A walk through a shady wood…

…and there’s Richmond!

Looking forward to a quiet day off in town. Details tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Coast to Coast – Reeth to Richmond

  1. looks like a great variety of tis hike! I’d like to have some of those gardens. Are some of the hikers accompanied by dogs, or is the sign geared to the locals? i really like the old stone buildings – tho I imagine they could be damp and chilly in the winter. You would have really enjoyed the music this morning – Pat and Steve M played a patriotic duet! We’re going to get a few OBX beach days in this week. Miss you

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    1. There are lots of dogs everywhere we go, and many out on day hikes, but we haven’t seen any on the long trails. There’s just an acceptance that a well behaved dog is welcome anywhere – shops, pubs, restaurants, trains and buses. I’m amazed that the 500 year old buildings we are sleeping in are so historic yet so modern inside. Enjoy the beach!


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