Cañaveral to Riolobos

May 5 – Twelve miles planned for today and rain in the forecast.  We had our coffee and toast with ham and cheese breakfast at the hostal, and were on the road by 7:15.  We climbed a mighty big hill as the sun came up.

At the top  of the hill was a shady wooded walk.  We haven’t had too many of those in Spain.  Very nice.

Then the rain started, first just a drizzle, then it poured down.

Mist on the hills:

The sky cleared by noon, then got breathtakingly beautiful.

While we were admiring the clouds, we missed the turnoff to Riolobos.  We are so used to following yellow arrows that we didn’t realize this road would not be marked.  We saw the town get closer, then get farther away!  By the time we were sure we had made a mistake, we’d walked an extra two miles, then had to reverse course and retrace our steps to the turnoff.

16 miles walked today.  An extra four miles, and I don’t get to subtract them from my total.  Drat.  And now my feet are sore.

407 miles to go.

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