Almendralejo to Torremejia

Apr 23 – And now the skies are clear and the sunny weather is back.  We walked two miles along the side of the paved road to get back on our Camino track this morning, past the bull ring.  

Welcome back, yellow arrows!  More grapevines, olive trees, morning mist and flat wide Roman Road.  There is mist at the base of the mountain.  I wonder when we’ll have to climb one?

There was a purple flower growing in the ditches that seemed to glow in the early morning light.  It doesn’t take much to make me happy these days.

I was feeling great that we were able to cut our long walk in half, until we came upon Brendan this morning, or rather, he came upon and swiftly passed us.  He is an Irishman living in Ontario, who takes no rest days and walks 35 – 40 km (22 – 25 miles) a day.  Now I feel like a real 🐌 slug, with my piddly 10 mile day. Oh well, as the saying goes, “everyone walks their own Camino.”

Torremejia is a one horse town, and we had no trouble finding our hostal.  There was an excellent restaurant right across the street with a midday meal of delicious pork, egg and noodle soup, fried eggs, Iberian ham and potatoes.  Yum. We talked to two Belgians who encouraged us to visit Bruge.  It’s now on my list.  494 miles to go.

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