Gengenbach to Offenburg

8/13 – Well, today is the last day of our pre-booked hike.  The summer has returned, and the weather forecast is for sun and temps in the mid-eighties.  Our goal today is Offenburg, and when we were planning, we left this as an open day.  We could walk to Offenburg along the river carrying our big packs – it is only seven miles or so – or we could bag it and use our free Schwarzwald pass to take the train and get there in 15 minutes.  Guess what we chose?

You are correct!  After a week on our feet, we opted for a “zero mile” day, slept in, used the excellent free wifi at Hotel Blume to catch up on the news and my blog (sorry for releasing so many posts on the same day), then took the train to Offenburg.  We arrived at the Hotel Union by noon, in time to experience a little bit of their famous Saturday outdoor market.  We asked our host what we could expect to find at the market.  Traditional food, was his reply.  How about souvenirs?  Yes, he said, souvenir food also.   Germans are all about food.

Drinking coffee and eating cake

Buying wursts and more wursts- it’s all about the meat!

Listening to buskers in the town square

A violin, bass and accordion playing Mozart – a uniquely German sound!

Now that we were thinking about souvenirs – I must get a plate for my wall – we realized that our entire week has been devoid of anyone trying to sell us anything.  We walked around looking in all the shops; this is a tourist town in tourist season, after all, but there are no souvenirs to be found.  Sorry, my grand-girls, looks like it’s airport candy for you!

Once again, the shops closed at 6 and the streets were quiet.  We found a Turkish kebab restaurant open and had a wonderful green salad with shaved doner meat (lamb) and white sauce, a tall Pilsner, sitting out under an umbrella in the cool breeze of the evening. So fine!

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