Bali, Indonesia – Tuban and Kuta Beach

9/1 – Kuta Beach is the happening place to see and be seen in Bali.  It’s where the young of many countries come to surf, drink and party.  We moved from Sanur to Tuban to get our visas extended (this will be a separate post),  so while we were here we decided to take advantage of our hotel’s free shuttle service and check out the beach.

Lots of surfers here: 



You can rent a surfboard or a chair to sit and watch.   

Balinese are trying to make a living here, selling tee shirts and trinkets: 

  Selling bows and arrows (!??)  
Fruity drinks:

  Hats and mats:  
And lots of bracelets:

The Hindu spirits are honored here: 


There is a sea turtle conservation exhibit here: 

…and a Hard Rock Cafe: 

If you get tired of walking, you can hire a horse and buggy: 

 …but most folks get around on motorbikes. 

It was fun to watch the hustle and bustle of the very crowded beach, and we had a lovely lunch at a local warung, but when it was time to swim, we went back to our hotel where we could relax! 


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