Singapore – the Botanic Gardens

8/13 – Took the very clean metro across town to visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens. All the signs and announcements are in English only here.image

How did folks pass the time before we had cell phones??

Warning:  If you are not a flower lover, this post is not for you…
There is a metro stop right at the entrance to the Gardens, and there is no charge for admission. The area is huge, with different garden sections. We stopped to admire a lake, and watched some folks doing their early morning Tai Chi in beautiful serenity.image


We admired the colorful Foliage Garden.

The Healing Garden showed all kinds of medicinal plants.


 The Evolution Garden had some very prehistoric- looking trees and ferns.image



We stopped for a coffee, and watched some school kids on a field trip.image



Then we got to the Orchid Garden. There was a fee to enter here. We’ve never seen so many beautiful flowers in one place!


 Some orchids were protected in a Mist House, and others in a refrigerated Cool House to simulate a mountain environment.

There were celebrity orchids too (one named Laura Bush). So many amazing plants! So many people admiring the beauty.

What a fabulous day!image



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