Kampot to Kep, Cambodia

6/3 – We stayed in Kampot for three days, then decided to move to a place with a swimming pool, a half an hour’s drive away in nearby Kep.  Here’s what we saw on the tuk-tuk ride.image

The roundabouts have statues on them, which helps with directions.  Take a left at the white horse!

If Kampot was laid back, this place is barely on life support.  There is no town that we can see,  just a series of guest houses along the main, dusty road. Only one lane of the road is paved – the motorbikes and tuk-tuks ride in the dirt. image

We are staying at the Botanica guesthouse, run by an old Frenchman and his young Cambodian wife.  It is comprised of eight thatched roof cottages that are hidden from one another by lush tropical foliage and flowers.  It is gorgeous.

What is this tree? image

Here is our bungalow.imageimage


Lovely artwork on the wall by the pool – we spent a long time analyzing it!image

Tomorrow we will hike!

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