Siem Reap – More Temples of Angkor

5/26 – Many tourists call it quits after one day of trekking through temples in hundred degree weather, but not us.  We got right back in the tuk-tuk for another round.  Sights from the ride:

Fishing boats on the water

Water buffalo grazing by the road
The three temples we visited yesterday is called the small circuit.  Today we took the grand tour of lesser known temples that show a variety of building styles.  Sorry, I don’t know the names of all these temples.

There were many fewer tourists on today’s tour, so it was much more relaxing for us, and we could really poke around without waiting in lines.  Here are some highlights.image image image image

Lots of guardian critters:  image

A refurbished lion next to an original lion

An elephant with refurbished feet and trunk
The Terrace of Elephants:image

Lots of intricate carving – some look like pieces from different carvings have been mashed together.





More spung trees!image image image

One of the small temples was surrounded by water:image

More mysterious faces:image


image image image

We were serenaded by several musicians who had lost limbs from American land mines:imageimage

Another wonderful day.image


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