Pai, Thailand

There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars. – Jack Kerouac

4/22 – We stayed four nights at the Hotel Pailifornia.  It was very nice, but at the wrong end of town for us – near the bars and the ticky-tacky tourist walking / motorbike street.  This town is full of young folks looking to have a good time and live on the cheap.  Room?  $9.00 a night (cheaper in a hostel dorm).  Supper?  $1.50.  Beer is more expensive here than in Laos, but $2.50 for a bottle in a restaurant isn’t bad, and $1.50 if you buy your beer at the 7 Eleven.  You can live pretty well for a long time in Pai.  We met kids from Finland, UK, US, Spain, Portugal and Germany, who just don’t see any reason to go home.  Right now, neither do we!

Speaking of the 7 Eleven, we have the opportunity to stock up on some provisions while we are here. The tube of toothpaste we’ve been carrying since Bulgaria finally ran out, and we were happy to see the familiar Colgate brand on the shelf. Little did we know that Colgate makes Salty Seaweed flavored toothpaste to please the Thai palate! Yuck is all I can say, but I’m sure we’ll get used to the taste…image

We also got some salty rice porridge flavored with fish or pork, which is what’s for breakfast around here. It’s pretty good once you get used to it.image

While staying at the Hotel Pailifornia, we hiked in different directions each day, to see what was beyond the tourist streets. Up the road was the yummy Canteen Restaurant, where we lounged on concrete couches under the trees, and found some unusual giraffes.


In the opposite direction we found the Pai River and crossed over the bamboo bridge. (Wasn’t that a movie? Bridge over the River Pai?) Yes, motorbikes drive over this bridge.image


Here there were fewer motorbikes and riverfront scenery.image



The next day we walked across town toward the mountains, where we could see a huge Buddha statue on a hill in the distance. image

Here we found the Pai we were looking for – quiet, beautiful scenery, lots of restaurants within walking distance, and a resort with air conditioned cabins, and a gorgeous pool for $24.00 a night, including a full American breakfast! Guess where we will be moving tomorrow?image



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