Capernaum to Jerusalem, Israel

1/27 – We checked out of our room at Karei Desche, took a taxi to Tiberias, and caught the 10am bus to Jerusalem, a three hour ride.


We shared the bus with many young Israeli soldiers in uniform, who ride for free. All 18 year olds serve in the military here; the girls for two years, and boys for three. It was a little unsettling to see kids with semi-automatic rifles slung over their shoulders on the bus.


As we approached Jerusalem, the scenery turned from lush green to arid brown. (The bus windows were tinted blue.)




We also saw our first camel by the side of the highway (sorry, not quick enough for a pic – you’ll have to take my word!)

We walked down the bustling, modern, and very clean streets, and I came across something I haven’t seen since Wisconsin. Wall art!imageimage

We are staying at a cozy flat advertised as A Cozy Flat in Jerusalem. The owner left us the key in a lockbox, and asked us to leave our payment on the kitchen table when we left. Very relaxed arrangement. Our flat is at Jaffa Center, a very upscale shopping district not far from the walls of the Old City. Although we were surrounded by shops, we couldn’t find a market to buy provisions for supper. When we finally asked, we were directed up the main street about 15 minutes walk, where we found a bustling open-air market.

Jim fixed us the best chicken soup ever.

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