Antalya to Konya

1/9 – Well, Friday turned out to be our lucky day. We caught the shuttle to the otogar, and got on the bus to Konya with no problems. This time, the bus kept going north, and soon we were in the mountains.



The temperature display on the bus read -11C / 12F.



We arrived in Konya by 4pm, and took a taxi to our new apartment at the Huzur Suites. The online photos showed a new, upscale building, and we were looking forward modern conveniences like hot water on tap. What the picture didn’t show was that the hotel is on an empty street, not near downtown. We’re not near ANYTHING, and the streets are still covered with ice from the blizzard, so walking any distance will be a challenge. This is going to be interesting!image

The young desk clerk looked very nice, but had not a word of English, and no map to give us. We needed to find a market and get some provisions for our nice, modern kitchen, as supper time was fast approaching, and it was getting dark. When the words market and supermarket didn’t register with him, I tried naming Turkish supermarket chains. Carrefour? Sok? Bim? Ah yes, recognition! Bim – he pointed down the street.

We bundled up and set off in the direction indicated, taking baby steps on the ice so we wouldn’t fall. Did I mention that it was COLD? I tried to talk to Jim, but my lips were frozen. Neither of us has gloves. About a third of a mile down the road, we came to a sad little market, with no produce, meat or dairy. We bought 10 eggs in a bag (yes, a plastic bag of eggs), a liter of water, a packet of Knorr chicken soup and a loaf of bread. That will get us through supper and breakfast, and will have to do until we get better directions.

We went back to the hotel and I showed the clerk our bag. “Not Bim”, I said. He indicated that no, the Bim was farther down the road. Sigh. We’ll try again tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Antalya to Konya

  1. It looks beautiful — but cold! Like here — 12 degrees also this morning, but we don’t have the beautiful snow, just frosty dead looking grass. I thought you were staying away from cold. Better put mittens on your shopping list – I love exploring in the snow if I’m warm enough.

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    1. Ha! We didn’t expect Antalya to get cold (neither did they!). We knew Konya would be colder, but Jim really wanted to see the home of the Whirling Dervishes and his favorite poet Rumi. We planned to be here just a few days, but now we will stay a week so we don’t miss our flight to Israel. Best laid plans, changed again!


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